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I-Tax Calculator 2019-20

General  |  1509  |  4  |  Dec 11, 2019

A simple excel sheet is attached in Calculators Tab to calculate Income Tax for the year 2019-20. Download the excel sheet and fill "Green Cells" as prompted and find the Income Tax due for the remaining months.

Offer your comments & suggestions....if any discripencies noticed.

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Comments (4)

To check your I-Tax......go to calculators tab....download excel sheet....
Suggestions Welcome.

- BR Kishore (Dec 11, 2018)
Very good
- B.sreenivasulu (Dec 11, 2018)


- Rajesh Chandra Rajput (Dec 12, 2018)
Good work done. Thanks.
- K. SUDHAKARA HEGDE (Dec 13, 2018)