ऑल इंडिया लोको इंस्पेक्टर्स एसोसिएशन

All India Loco Inspectors' Association

Reg. No. A.L.C./Desk-17/11014
Central Office: 30, Sai Shraddha Colony, Godhani Railway, Nagpur - 441 111

About the Organization

The cadre of Loco Inspectors plays significant role in inculcating aspect of safety in train operations, improving enginemanship among Loco Pilots, enhancing technical / safety knowledge of the Loco Pilots & Asst. Loco Pilots by monitoring, counseling and footplate inspections. Their role is always vital and important in day to day train running operations. Their unconditional efforts has given dividends in smooth running of trains with significant fall in accidents and derailments.

In addition to monitoring of their LPs, they also required to perform duties like attending / conducting inquires, inspection of crew lobbies / running rooms & LC gates, attending loco…

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